Week 8: Bananarama Panorama

This week, my challenge was to take a panorama picture and I’m sorry to say it does not have anything to do with bananas, that’s just because I really struggled with an interesting title!If you managed to say it 5 times really fast without getting it wrong though, let me know and you can have a sticker!

Taking a panorama (not paranoia) picture was simple enough. There is a setting on my camera and you just twirl around and you are sorted.


Pretty straightfoward, right? A bit too easy peasy, lemons. I thought, I had to try something new that would spice the picture up a bit. So who did I ask? Google, it knows everything! I found something that made pictures look like little planets which I wanted to give a go. This also proved to be pretty straightforward, my first attempt looked like this:

Little planet1

I was happy with this but the top didn’t fit together very well so I got rid of a bit that overlapped and this was Take 2:little planet2.jpg

Much better! This time, I decided to try and see what it would look like the other way around, something I thought wouldn’t be that good but turned out to be my favourite:

Little planet3.jpg

After my panorama picture was sorted we went for a walk. It was a beautiful day and here are some other pictures I took.



I liked the light in this picture, but it was tricky to capture.
A pretty cool tree…

As well as my challenge, I saw a really nice sunset outside my window. I had got a glass ball a little while ago and wanted to give that a go. The pictures were okay, I wanted to get the picture inside the ball to be in focus and outside the ball to be blurry but that wasn’t happening. Also, I had to hold the ball in place which meant I only had 1 hand to  take the picture with AND I am very clumsy sometimes and I dropped it so now there are scratches on it. Oops.



Let me know what you think in the comments!


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