Week 9: What we do in the shadows

Image result for disney gif shadows

This week has been a bit higgldy piggledy.  Firstly, I had an interview on Friday so before then I didn’t even look at anything to do with photography or my blog (I did get the job so woooo!!). Then, at the weekend it has been cloudy the whole time, so shadows outside was a no go. And, then I had to think of a title. I linked it to a film I watched on Halloween as we (Ha, who am I kidding, it was just me that was a wimp) wanted a ‘not-scary horror film’. Whilst thinking about the title, I got this song stuck in my head too, reminiscing about when I thought I was cool.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

So it’s Sunday evening and I’m thinking, ‘oh yeah, I have a blog to write’. We have a pixar light at home that I thought I could use for the lighting, now I just needed an object to make a shadow. I looked around the room for inspiration, and inspiration came, in the form of test tube shot glasses.












First I tried using the pixar light, but it was a bit of a kerfuffle with getting the angles right and the light was a bit far away.DSCF6053

I then got my phone out and used the light from that.

The light is a bit harsh but it spread the colours out better.
I like how the colours blend together in this one.


This is the one I edited to highlight the colours.

So not the best week I’ve had, but it has been one of those weeks where you try and go to the pub to celebrate your new job but end up in bed at 10:30! I know, I live a crazy life…


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