Week 11: Mirror Mirror on the wall

Thinking back to a previous post, the thought of mirrors was making me feel queasy – we don’t really have a good past. However, I think mirrors are fascinating and can be a great tool for photographers. (ooh, I even impressed myself with how clever that sounded!)

Related image

But, what to do?

I thought about how mirrors reflect things, but also sometimes distorts what someone really sees. So, for example, if I look in the mirror and see myself, I still look different than when someone is looking at me directly, just like how when an event happens, everyone would remember it slightly differently, depending on what they think is important.

But how do I capture that?

Well, my dear reader, that is where I get a bit stuck in the mud. Obviously, I could go to my mirror in the bathroom, take a picture and BOOM! Sorted! But where is the fun in that? My next step was to find out which objects reflects things like a mirror.

When I started this week, I had the grandeur idea that I would be able to take a picture of each one and it would be perfect first time. This clearly was never going to happen and I could have probably written a blog post for each of these reflection ideas. I did not do this so sorry for the very long post! I hope you make it to the end!

A puddle:

It had been raining for about 3 days straight and I thought I had hit the jackpot! What better time to take a picture of a puddle? Obviously not when it is still actually raining…


Finally it stopped raining! I grabbed my camera and headed outside. And I found a huge puddle! But…it was really dark and there was nothing to reflect apart from a street light. Not what I had in mind…


So, I waited until morning and was very excited to see blue skies! Yes, I thought, finally I can get my perfect picture. You know, because good things come to those who wait, right? But when I got outside all the puddles had dried up! Managed to find this one but it wasn’t the huge puddle I had in mind…


I saw this puddle later so quickly snapped it up!


A bubble:

I was really excited to try this out but as soon as I thought out the logistics it seemed more tricky than I had imagined. Again, I think I was a bit optimistic about my photography abilities. I decided this bubble thing needed a blog post all on it’s own so watch this space!

Related image


This one was pretty straight forward. I tried to get it so that the reflection was in focus, but everything around it was out of focus, I think it worked okay? Like with most things, it was little effort, little reward. Looks okay, but nothing spectacular.


A wing mirror:

I think I need to point out that by this point, I was already a week behind with writing posts, and I thought I had all my pictures taken, I just needed to write everything up and I was good to go. It was only when I got to this section that I realised I had forgotten all about the wing mirror picture. I had plans to take this after I had cleaned my car, no one wants to see a mucky wing mirror, but I hadn’t cleaned it, and it was almost dark and it was raining (again) and not the normal rain, but that horrible little drizzle that gets you soaked. I quickly went outside (in my socks and flip-flops, it’s a lovely look) cleaned my wing mirror and got in my car. Now, the way I had envisioned it, it was nice and sunny, I was lookin’ good, and all was well with the world. This did not happen. DSCF6179

I tried to hide most of my face with my camera but I do still apologise for my face! Also, my wing mirror looked dirty anyway because of the rain drops on it. What. A. Disaster. By now I really couldn’t be bothered to move my car to a nicer looking background so here is a picture of my neighbours house. Enjoy!


Let me know what you think in the comments! What did you think of my interpretations of mirrors? Would you do anything differently? Or do you have any ideas or tips about how I can tackle my bubble project?




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