Week 12: All aboard!

Image result for disney gif cars

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard the Crackle, Pop, Snap express. Please ensure your seat belt is fastened, your seat is upright and your table is stowed away. Your safety is our first priority so make sure you know where the exits are located. Today’s entertainment features transportation.

Before you get up and go, we will still be looking at a few pictures from our excellent (hee hee) photographer where you will journey from the past into the present. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

First up we have an idea of how people got around in the past before cars were invented. I give you… a horse!


These magnificent animals were vital to people in getting around. Those who did not have a horse, had to walk. I have also been told by our excellent photographer that she saw a keen horse in a field who loved having their photo taken and thought she could feature it in.

I hope you have enjoyed our entertainment so far. If you wish to have a break, there are a range of food and beverages you can enjoy. I would recommend a cup of tea.

Next up we have the train. From watching the show ‘Victoria’ on the BBC, I assume trains first became used as a form of transport during the Victorian times, roughly around the time of the industrial revolution.


The first trains were steam trains. Now, our excellent photographer went to visit the Yorkshire Dales, where there is a famous railway. In the summer, a steam train actually still runs and she imagines it would be a spectacular photo. Alas, it was not the time for steam trains, but she did have to wait 10 minutes with a nearly out-of-battery camera (very tense) to get a picture of a real train.


Our excellent photographer also took a picture of another section of the same railway at a previous date.


There are, of course, many other methods of transport but due to various reasons these were unable to be captured on camera.

I hope our entertainment this evening has been useful and intriguing. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, our lovely staff will be happy to help.

Thank you for choosing to ride with Crackle, Pop, Snap express. we hope you have enjoyed your journey with us and hope you have a lovely evening.


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