Mary had a little lamb

Recently I went up to the Yorkshire Dales for a weekend and happened upon some lambs. I got some lovely pictures of a walk we went on and really wanted to share them. Firstly, it is such a lovely part of the world. I grew up here and even though now I can appreciate how nice it is, when I was 16 I hated it. Living in a small village away from any big town can be incredibly boring. Coming back for a weekend is nice though, and you remember all the good things about living in this part, like lambing season.


I have been trying to think about the rule of thirds, so I tried keeping the path in the bottom third. I think here it works as the trees cross over the top.DSCF6086

It was  quite a dreary day but still looks pretty spectacular.DSCF6105

We came across this group of 6 lambs that were playing together. Until the mother sheep ‘baa-ed’ and they reluctantly went back to their mums.DSCF6114

They were just play-fighting and head-butting each other.DSCF6113

I was desperate to get a picture of one of the lambs when they jump up. It just looks like they have so much energy they just can’t hold it in anymore. Anyone else ever feel like that sometimes?DSCF6123DSCF6150DSCF6152DSCF6082

I have spent ages trying to get a picture of a waterfall that makes the water look really smooth. I thought I would have a quick go today and it worked! I used an aperture of f/11 and shutter speed of 1/10. The ISO was 200.DSCF6173

I thought I would try the waterfall picture again, on a bigger scale and it worked again. Not quite as impressive as the professional photos you see, but a good start I think! Again, the aperture was f/11, the shutter speed 1/10 and the ISO at 200.DSCF6159DSCF6168

I hope you have enjoyed the photos! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening!


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