Shakespeare in the Sun

In April there was suddenly a heat wave, which was a massive shock as it had been snowing like the week before. And people weren’t really ready for it. There were people who still only had winter clothes (like me…no shorts), people who still carried coats with them, just in case, and people thinking it was only April, why would they need sun cream? And so half of the population in the UK was walking around looking like a tomato. Despite all that, everyone was in a good mood and fancied a day out. We decided to go to Stratford-Upon-Avon.

We had to park just on the outskirts and then walked in, which was lucky as we ended up walking past the church where Shakespeare was buried. We couldn’t find his grave though.

I always find it so difficult to get all of a church into a frame

Some beautiful flowers and a squirrel…

I think this is the place where Shakespeare grew up or where he lived before he went to live in London. As with most things these days, you need to pay for the privilege to see important places and this was no exception. We weren’t prepared to pay so these are the best pictures I got from peeking through the gate.

Shakespeare’s new place was even more tricky to get a picture of, there was a high fence in the way, probably to stop people from taking pictures and seeing without paying…

We were feeling very cultured by the end of the day, although other than seeing where Shakespeare lived, there wasn’t all that much to do there. We found a pub that looked like it might have had ‘flagons of ale’ but we chickened out of asking and went with a cuppa instead.

Thanks for reading!

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