Week 14: Zooming in, and down

May bank holiday was a lovely day and we don’t live far from the peak district so we decided to go and explore. We found a place where we could hire bikes and cycle.


Now, me and Joe don’t really cycle, ever. My experience of cycling is knocking a tooth out, crashing into walls, and crashing into other people. But we gave it a go. I had my camera with me as the challenge for week 14 was to take a zoomed-in landscape picture but it’s tricky to keep stopping and taking a picture. First up, the challenge and then I will explain our adventures…

I had tried taking a zoomed-in landscape picture before but being honest I don’t really get it. There didn’t seem anything different about zooming in, it just narrowed the picture and you miss what is around more. I think I just missed the point of it but here goes.

When I zoomed in, the picture ended really hazy.

This worked a bit better, there was something specifically to zoom in on. But like I said, I didn’t really get the point so not the best challenge I have done.

Next up, the adventure…

I actually managed to stay on my bike, the whole time, so I was very pleased. Joe, however, was a different story. He tried to do a wheelie. It worked for about 1 second, and then he fell over. Apparently it was worth it. Boys will be boys…


Next up was lunch. We found a nice pub just off the trail and managed to find a seat outside. We were pretty hungry by this point so wanted something that would fill us up and keep us going for a while. Joe tried a new ‘Cali style’ burger that looked like this:IMG_6290He seemed so shocked and disappointed when the food came, he just looked at it for a while and then sadly tucked in.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. We didn’t realise that we were cycling uphill on the way out, which took about 2 and a half hours, so it took us about 30 mins to zoom back down.

Image result for disney gif cycling

Thanks for reading!


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