Sunshine Blogger Award

Wooooo! I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! (Although it was my partner who nominated me, but shhh!!) It was very nice of him to nominate me, it definitely helps a small blogger get some more views, so thank you!!!! If you are interested in his blog, you can find it here. He definitely... Continue Reading →


Week 7: Forgotten Stories

This week is a bit more serious than my other posts. Normally, I try and make it a bit amusing and hopefully some of you might even find me funny... But this week is a serious one. I watched the film 'Hacksaw Ridge' the other day and at first, I thought it was going to... Continue Reading →

Week 6: Sweet like chocolate

The title is meant to be a reference to that song, but I don't know how to add music notes. Hopefully, you still got the reference and if not, don't worry, my sister had no idea what I was on about! This week was 'candy' week, although I am British so it's 'sweets'. Luckily it... Continue Reading →

To the moon!

There's been a lot of hype around the moon this week, with it being a super blue blood moon, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Now, I don't have a tripod (I know, I need to get one, I'm working on it) so it's a nightmare taking a picture of lights when it's... Continue Reading →

[Dramatically] Week 3: Red

I really hope you said that in a dramatic voice, like the movie trailer guy voice, otherwise the title is just really boring. Anyway, week 3 is to take a picture of something red. It said to be 'creative'. Now, my creative flare is more of a candle flame than a roaring fire so you'll... Continue Reading →

Is it only week 2?

You might look at the title and think, oh no, not one of those new years resolution people giving up already, but you would be wrong. So far (which isn't very far), I am enjoying this blog/photography challenge. This week, it's a landscape picture. I am looking forward to this as it's an excuse to... Continue Reading →

Alpaca Walk

Yes, you did read that right, me and my partner took some alpaca’s for a walk. My sister thought this would be a brilliant idea for a birthday present and I completely agreed! My partner, however, was less enthusiastic. Not surprisingly really, it’s difficult to know what to expect. Walking a dog is simple and... Continue Reading →

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